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Entire concept of BuziBrAIns Suppliers Network is to bring down the marketing cost for the SME Sector. So Based on the membership Supplier can avail the benefits of the marketing services provided with well computerized Lead Management Process.

Who can join BuziBrAIns Supplier's Network?

Supplier is the one who provides products / services. Supplier can be individual or organization. BuziBrAIns welcomes every individual or registered business organization which provides products or services in India or global Market. All Freelancers or unorganized business service providers can also join us.

Have Business Idea? BuziBrAIns Supports start Ups & Innovations

Being innovations backed start up on our own BuziBrAIns value & nurture innovative Ideas. Individuals with such start up ideas can also join. We will support the idea to become reality.

BuziBrAIns Supplier Network Registeration Plans

Rs. 500/-*

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

BuziBrAIns Supplier Network Benefits

Winners of Academic Online Internship Program (Submission Between Jun-2020 To Aug-2020)

Ritvik Sethi
(New Delhi)

First Prize Rs. 25,000/-
(A.I.M.S. Software Developer)

Varsha Ghuge (Aurangabad)

Second Prize Rs. 15,000/-
(Human Psychology in Professional Environment)

Ganapuram Vamasidhar Reddy (Zaheerabad)

Third Prize Rs. 10,000/-
(Business Process Management)

Pragya Arora (Gurugram)

Consolation Prize Rs. 5,000/-
(Human Psychology in Professional Environment)

BuziBrAIns Supplier Network

The most difficult task faced by SME is MARKETING. Reaching the right consumer in right time is the matter which always remains as mystery to explore and requires innovative ways to be introduced. There are many means to reach the client what remains different is the fact that purchase decisions are influenced by so many issues.

Marketing Support

we are setting up the process where the cost of the marketing will be reduced drastically. It is a combined marketing exercise where our technical experts understand the product and services offered by you and with the help of Artificial Intelligence makes it unique.

AIMS Development

AIMS helps Programmers to develop critical business process software with ease and at most accuracy. AIMS is unique due to its independent design with respect to Databases which it uses and the programming languages which it supports.


Our Franchisee network helps us to provide immediate and timely support to our vast client network. Development of Training Marketing, Business and Software Development are part of the franchisee based on type of franchisee

about us

Information is the key to success. The more we know the more we grow. We follow this basic principle since the day we began our activities. Along with our products and services, we enjoy sharing the knowledge with our clients. This urge of educating people encourages us to provide accurate business software solutions for our clients. We configure software solutions such a way that they become integral and essential part of their system and that too without much change to it.

Building with AIMS

We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development. Combining our business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions.

We are team of enthusiastic and energetic group of IT people working towards the common goal of making the lives quite simpler and easier with our innovations based on Artificial Intelligence. We design and develop scalable business process management solutions with the help of A.I.M.S. (Artificially Intelligent Management Software).

A.I.M.S. (Artificially Intelligent Management Software) is RAD Tool based on AI which we have invented after research of almost 20 Yrs. Thanks to AIMS our solutions are highly stable and easily customizable as per ever changing client needs. We are using AIMS to computerize complex business processes of Manufacturing as well as Service Industry.Our solutions are cost effective yet easy to implement and maintain as they are develop using A.I.M.S. (Artificially Intelligent Management Software) .


AIMS - uses the simple concept of Time Slicing to do jobs which could not have been done using the conventional software development. The active work can be dropped for taking too long time , It should be timed between 50 millisecond to 500 millisecond, depending on the job priority so that there is no loss of instruction.

Our Versions

The AIMS application exists in desktop as well as web versions. Desktop version is interpreted using aims.exe and web version has DotNET Renderer. DotNET version is also available on This is the next level of AIMS which you will be informed once you are able to understand desktop version. PHP is also supported for development but it is a converter not a renderer. It is being phased out as most of our customers find DotNet to be more reliable.


Application built with AIMS are absolutely secured with the concept of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The application is secured with hardware key and software license key. Programming is secured with Access Code. Even though small in size, AIMS is perfectly secure for business environment with RSA, Matrix and BlueFISH combined, makes it unbreakable. The Source code is scrambled, when it comes to data then it is secured by the Database Provider.

Have a question or need a custom quote?

We have a dedicated round the clock technical team to provide you with best suited solutions. Please feel free to call our number at +91 9004198893.