About Us

Information is the key to success. The more we know the more we grow. We follow this basic principle since the day we began our activities. Along with our products and services, we enjoy sharing the knowledge with our clients. This urge of educating people encourages us to provide accurate business software solutions for our clients. We configure software solutions such a way that they become integral and essential part of their system and that too without much change to it.


We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development. Combining our business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions.

We are team of enthusiastic and energetic group of IT people working towards the common goal of making the lives quite simpler and easier with our innovations based on Artificial Intelligence. We design and develop scalable business process management solutions with the help of A.I.M.S. (Artificially Intelligent Management Software).

A.I.M.S. (Artificially Intelligent Management Software) is RAD Tool based on AI which we have invented after research of almost 20 Yrs. Thanks to A.I.M.S. our solutions are highly stable and easily customizable as per ever changing client needs. We are using A.I.M.S. to computerize complex business processes of Manufacturing as well as Service Industry.Our solutions are cost effective yet easy to implement and maintain as they are develop using A.I.M.S. (Artificially Intelligent Management Software) .

ShowDoctors.Com is one of the innovative projects initiated by BuziBrAIns. ShowDoctors.com is dedicated to Doctors and medical industry. Purpose is to connect, Patients To doctors and Doctors to Healthcare or Medical Industry Suppliers.Center stage of ShowDoctors Project are Doctors, Who have tremendous responsibility of maintaining good service at healthy cost. We launched ShowDoctors because we value life saving skills & efforts of all Doctors. We also admire those who provide necessary medical equipments or resources to doctors. Doctors and people working with medical industry surely face many hurdles while treating patients. Arrangement of quality medical supplies with affordable cost is one of such hurdles. Though, Cost depends on many factors like product manufacturing cost, labor cost, Raw Material Cost, Logistics & Transport cost etc. And addition to that is Marketing Cost & Computerized Data Management Cost. Our Main intention is to bring down the cost of Marketing & Computerization, for the medical Sector. Medical sector like any other business requires Marketing as well as Computerization and the cost of the same gets added to patient’s bill.
Our Team keeps the pace with ever changing needs of medical serctor and designs the solutions accordingly. To bring down the Marketing cost for medical sector, We have introduced extremely low cost Subscription Plans with “ShowDoctors Doctors or Supplier Network”. Based on the membership type “Registered Doctor or Supplier” can avail the benefits of the marketing or software development services provided by us.

BuziBrAIns Activities

Research & Development

We believe and support innovations. Our Research & Development Team works round the clock to design & develop our inventions. Artificial Intelligence remains our main area of interest along with innovative business model to materialise the same. We evolve our business process to suit the technical inventions we present to society. Technology plays the major role in our success. Since day one we encourage our developers to innovate new ways of easing our clients task in their day to day business activities.

A.I.M.S. Software Development

Our dream is quite straight and simple To Computerize business with Knowledge Transfer. Similarly our products justify our dreams. We design and develop complex business process management solutions with the help of A.I.M.S. A.I.M.S. is RAD Tool based on AI which we have invented after research of almost 20 Yrs. AIMS is developed to minimize the time and efforts in software development to provide extremely fast and bug free business applications to our clients. A.I.M.S. helps Programmers to develop critical business process software with ease and at most accuracy.

BuziBrAIns Supplier Network

The most difficult task faced by SME is MARKETING. Reaching the right consumer in right time is the matter which always remains as mystery to explore and requires innovative ways to be introduced. There are many means to reach the client what remains different is the fact that purchase decisions are influenced by so many issues.
we are setting up the process where the cost of the marketing will be reduced drastically. It is a combined marketing exercise where our technical experts understand the product and services offered by you and with the help of Artificial Intelligence makes it unique.

Career Building Opportunities For Youth

At BuziBrAIns, We Strongly Believe Our People Are Our Strength. Its our duty to create career opportunities for youth and we keep invetnting new projects where we need task force to support them. Our strength is our people. Every single person associated with us is equally important for us. Our support system includes set of people from variant sects of technologies ruling the web world. Its our duty to create career opportunities and we have plenty of them.


A.I.M.S. - uses the simple concept of Time Slicing to do jobs which could not have been done using the conventional software development. The active work can be dropped for taking too long time , It should be timed between 50 millisecond to 500 millisecond, depending on the job priority so that there is no loss of instruction.

A.I.M.S. Versions

The A.I.M.S. application exists in desktop as well as web versions. Desktop version is interpreted using aims.exe and web version has DotNET Renderer.


Application built with A.I.M.S. are absolutely secured with the concept of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The application is secured with hardware key and software license key. Programming is secured with Access Code. Even though small in size, A.I.M.S. is perfectly secure for business environment with RSA, Matrix and BlueFISH combined, makes it unbreakable. The Source code is scrambled, when it comes to data then it is secured by the Database Provider.

Work With Us... Grow With Us!!!


Our strength is our people. Every single person associated with us is equally important for us. Our support system includes set of people from variant sects of technologies ruling the web world. Its our duty to create career opportunities and we have plenty of them in HR, Marketing, Social Media Marketing And Technical Fields ( Software Development & Implementation ). So Join Us.. Work With Us & Grow With Us. As part of our efforts to join our team we have recently started new initiative where all Interns/ Freelancers/ Ex Employees who have worked with us share their experience with us.

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We have a dedicated round the clock technical team to provide you with best suited solutions.Please feel free to reach us on 9900847272 (Initial Contact Via Whatsapp Only).

All Payments should be done to BuziBrAIns Official Bank Accounts / UPID Ids / GooglePay / PayTM Numbers Only. No BuziBrAIns Representative is allowed to collect Cash Payments from any one.