Software Products Delivered under AIMS has always been the best among Top Level Managers and Administrators as they get what they want. Providing software immediately always has been the goal of the software industry due to complex business procedures adapted makes it impossible to deliver software on time. AIMS is efficient in handling such complexity at ease and deploys the solution without wasting much time in analysis and testing as 90% of the software development and testing is done by the AIMS automatically. This makes AIMS as the most successful, rapid software development tool ever seen by the IT industry. AIMS is an Artificially Intelligent Management System which allows to design applications using a simple tool bar. It has been 15 years since the development started on AIMS, even with the rapid changing software industry it has come through with flying colors.

Download List

AIMS Installer - *New*
AIMS Installer
AIMS Executable

Blank Database
CRM Original

DOT Net Version
Compact DOT Net Version

MODULE WITH PASSCODE. File size: 15,150 bytes.
Send a mail to aims@mainaims.com with subject: instructions to use ENCRIPTION.

Email Marketing Software
Collect Emails from the internet via google search engine. use the browser which we have provided and it will pick emails as you go on searching the web automatically. Specially designed for MSME Micro, small and Medium Enterprises this will ease your Marketing job to a Large Extent.

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