What is A.I.M.S. (Artificial Intelligence Management System)

A.I.M.S. – Artificially Intelligent Management Software which is developed over a 20 years of software development has been portable to a vast range of Hardware, Software platforms. This software works in range of 100 MHZ systems to 4 GHZ system with ease. It works from platforms from Windows 98 to Windows 2008 Server class of systems. Even in the Data handling it works from database systems from MS -Access, MSSQL, ORACLE and My-SQL which are prominent in the market.

In case of artificial intelligence it is the human nature which is involved. We specify the end target for any purpose. In the case of A.I.M.S. we found that and did the same. The collection of vast amount of information which is deemed for specific purpose in any defined format rendered by the user for any specific task which can be provided to the end user.

History Of A.I.M.S.

The idea of symbolic operations became more concrete with the development of computers. The first general-purpose computer designed (but not built until 1991, at the Science Museum of London) was the Analytical Engine by Babbage (1792-1871). In the early part of the 20th century, there was much work done on understanding computation. Several models of computation were proposed, including the Turing machine by Alan Turing (1912-1954), a theoretical machine that writes symbols on an infinitely long tape, and the lambda calculus of Church (1903-1995), which is a mathematical formalism for rewriting formulas. It can be shown that these very different formalisms are equivalent in that any function computable by one is computable by the others.

History of A.I.M.S. started with an initiative in developing a large project for the Brazilian Government during which the proposal of a large program was to build exclusive a graphical interface to a weather forecasting module. This would take a large amount of time and resources if developed conventional. An engineered way to develop a tiny module which can then process large data at the background to really render an active feed by the super computer to a Onyx 2 Note super Computer. The portability of the application was successful in such a procedure to be able to understand the efficiency of a full-fledged program to a one hundredth sized program by dividing logic away from code. The use of fuzzy logic seemed appropriate to the time slicing method which enables large executions.

Key Points Of A.I.M.S.

A.I.M.S. - uses the simple concept of Time Slicing to do jobs which could not have been done using the conventional software development. The use of currently in use and free are the two states of mind on the engine which renders its work. The active work can be dropped for taking too long a time should be timed between 50 millisecond to 500 millisecond, depending on the job priority so that there is no loss of instruction. This was one of the major tasks while developing A.I.M.S. which took a very long time of testing. In a span of 100 thousand instructions set we found missing a few over 1 to 2 loss.This gave us the current time state which has been most efficient. This has been critical and has not been changed since the last 5 years.

SPEED was one of the major hurdles, when we introduced this in the commercial space owning to the existence of current end users was the speed. In this case we found hard to resist we could only bring in a technological change to provide speed for small programs. The implementation of cycle stealing into the unused space within the modules helped in providing for the current user speed. This over haul led to increased production and acceptability among the software developers to appreciate the implementation of projects which were complex by 1/100 the time taken. The End user acceptability led our software to a great success.
The change in the user taste was the second major hurdle which accounted for a steep fall in demand. For the last few years uneducated people had access to sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc., made the programmers life miserable. The age of internet has changed the way software development is looked into they compare the manpower of these gains to individuals. The Media portrays hacking as something very simple and reward given to those who disrupt large software. This has led to an expectation which is beyond anyprogrammer’s hard work. Availability of large software programs free online is a one of the biggest problem, the major hurdle of companies is they get carried away by such programs and expect us to do the same. The only difference is taming a horse is not as easy as that. These programs which captured the market is slowly moving out because end uses cannot use them even to 10% of the usage and major part of the system go manual. To overcome this DotNet version was introduced to re-render an application developed in A.I.M.S.. The successful implementation of this even broke the hurdle of ever changing technology.The Automatic Jump of two tire to three tire architecture led A.I.M.S. to be highly stable and long lasting.

A.I.M.S. Architecture

The development of A.I.M.S. which was a unique architecture was to expedite the process of Application building by the users than by the programmers who find it difficult to understand the very essence what the user wants. Artificial intelligence with the help of fuzzy logic helps in binding rules which enable the user of A.I.M.S. to create rules for the end user, which is not desirable in sequential programming.
The use of fuzzy logic needs to be tested and retested to accommodate various requirements to provide and clear defined base in achieving the purpose of the user. Defining programs and rules for a set of unknown values is Intelligence. This can be tested only in terms of time and achievements obtained by it.
During the course of development of A.I.M.S. the major hurdle was the time, this is because of unknown types of technological fronts walk in front of development. The A.I.M.S. is independent of the platforms be it Operating System level, Database oriented orvarious hardware which it uses to still work as a single entity. Probably further version of A.I.M.S. will come with working with multiple databases simultaneously using tunneling data free of database restrictions which enables for a mind of its own.
The current architecture uses the database to sync into a single control rather than the application itself. The control stimulus can be further enhanced by providing a speculated hardware interface to provide a rulebook which is being currently tested for a betterment of the system. The rule book can redefine the existence of intelligence far more complicated. The rulebook can comprehend mass production of procedures which can be complex be called for a given purpose by the user to enhance the efficiency is already tested for more than a year and is able to comprehend use of intelligence to its core.

Software Design










What We Can Develop With A.I.M.S.?

With the help of A.I.M.S., Programmers can develop critical business process software with ease and at most accuracy. A.I.M.S. is unique due to its independent design with respect to Databases which it uses and the programming languages which it supports. Application Development in A.I.M.S. is as simple as using Paint Brush. It is an art of making screens and linking module. Application
Development in A.I.M.S. is as simple as using Paint Brush. It is an art of making screens and linking module. A.I.M.S. becomes important as it’s the only technology in today’s world which can support and succeed in achieve what software developer dream of. That’s RTSE With A.I.M.S. can empower students to call themselves Software Developer and not just programmer of certain programming language as A.I.M.S. is independent of the programming language and the platforms.

  • Complex Business Process Management Systems
  • For Ex. CRM (Customer Relationship Management Applications), BPM (Business Process Management Applications), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Applications), Business Software Solutions, Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management Applications. Etc.

  • Web Portals
  • Static & Dynamic Websites.

  • Information Processing Systems
  • High End Data Analytics Software Applications, Traffic Control Systems, MIS,ERP Applications For Large Scale Data Management.


A.I.M.S. - uses the simple concept of Time Slicing to do jobs which could not have been done using the conventional software development. The active work can be dropped for taking too long time , It should be timed between 50 millisecond to 500 millisecond, depending on the job priority so that there is no loss of instruction.

Our Versions

The A.I.M.S. application exists in desktop as well as web versions. Desktop version is interpreted using A.I.M.S..exe and web version has DotNET Renderer.


Application built with A.I.M.S. are absolutely secured with the concept of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The application is secured with hardware key and software license key. Programming is secured with Access Code. Even though small in size, A.I.M.S. is perfectly secure for business environment with RSA, Matrix and BlueFISH combined, makes it unbreakable. The Source code is scrambled, when it comes to data then it is secured by the Database Provider.