Benefits Claim & Refund Policy

All BuziBrAIns Refund Policies are applicable only to the Refundable Payments done to BuziBrAIns Official Bank Accounts / UPID Ids / GooglePay / PayTM Numbers Only. No BuziBrAIns Representative is allowed to collect Cash Payments from any one.

Product / Service Related Refund Or Benefits Policies

Every BuziBrAIns Product / Service may have its own Benefits Or Refund related Policies. Those would be mentioned in the product specification document or any other official documents provided by BuziBrAIns.

Refund Or Benefits Policy Undertaking & Rules

Every individual claiming Refund Or Benefits should fullfill Refund Or Benefits related terms agreed while joining / signing undertaking or agreemnet with BuziBrAIns. All documents must be completely understood before signing on the same. All Benefits or Refunds should be claimed within mentioned service / grace period of 30 days.

Refund Or Benefits Claims & Payment Processing Time line

Refund Or any other valid payment will be processed to claiming individual's Bank Accounts / UPID Ids / GooglePay / PayTM Numbers Only. Refund Or Benefits Amount will be deposited within 7 To 30 Days after the Refund Or Benefits Claim Verification process is complete. All payment related descripancies should be reported within 30 days of the Refund Or Benefits Claim Intimation Date. Refund Or Benefits Claim Intimation Date is the date of email which claiment needs to send for Refund Or Benefits Claim. Claiment can write their concerns to with subject "Refund Or Benefits Pending" with Name, Mobile Number, Refund Or Benefits Amount & Type.